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A social media app for a closed community of premium users

London, United Kingdom
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Victoria App Ltd.
More than $100,000
  • Social Media
  • iOS
Victoria garnered significant interest with their innovative social media service, designed to connect creative minds and foster networks among users with similar interests. To enhance their application, a comprehensive overhaul of the user interface, user experience, and branding was required. It was aimed at improving accessibility and facilitating more natural community engagement.
Our approach involved pinpointing the potential user's pain points, especially during the sign-up process, and addressing any user interface or user experience challenges ahead of time. Significant enhancements were made to key features, alongside streamlining the process of acquiring premium memberships.
Victoria's mobile application underwent professional testing and received upgrades in areas including user experience, user interface, accessibility, retention, and branding. The result is a product that not only functions more effectively but also boasts a visually striking presence, thanks to its modern, minimalist branding and sophisticated typography.

About Victoria

Innovative networking

Victoria emerged as a unique platform for diverse individuals seeking connections with others who share their interests. The company gained prominence during the onset of the pandemic by transitioning to a completely virtual format, providing a means for people to connect and engage with each other during the isolation of lockdowns.

Scope of work

Targeted design

Our approach started with exploratory workshops, where we jointly envisioned the ideal user experience for both Victoria's mobile application and website. Our primary aim was to enhance user retention and improve usability through the development of advanced, highly refined user experience and user interface designs.

Enhanced connectivity

Algorithmic networking

One of the application's key functionalities enables members of Victoria to connect using suggestions based on algorithms. In collaboration with Victoria, we refined the user interface and experience by studying other community-based applications. The aim was to assist members in naturally and cohesively establishing and expanding their networks.

Exclusive events

Social engagement

After members find each other, deeper connections are fostered through Victoria's unique events, crafted to promote substantive interactions. The section of the application dedicated to events functions like an event platform, offering comprehensive information such as event descriptions, guest lists, and ticket sales data, to enhance the overall experience for users.


Connection management

Interactions initiated through the application's discovery feature or during online events are recorded in a specific section for managing connections. This functionality enables members to cultivate their network and utilize a chat feature for communication, furthering their acquaintance with new contacts.

User onboarding

Streamlined process

For new applicants to the Victoria community, a fluid onboarding experience is essential. Recognizing that any error or complexity can deter potential members, we crafted the user experience with simplicity in mind. Our aim was to facilitate an effortless journey from being an applicant to becoming an established member of the Victoria community.

Detailed user profiles

Authentic engagement

Working in tandem with Victoria, we developed detailed profiles to provide users with greater opportunities to showcase their individuality and creativity. This feature is a direct reflection of Victoria's core mission to enable genuine, transparent connections within its community.

Referral incentives

Community growth

Recognizing the impact of word-of-mouth in community-driven applications, we designed a feature enabling current members of Victoria to invite their friends to apply. This functionality facilitates the organic growth of the user base. Additionally, an in-app currency system was implemented to reward members for successful referrals.


Rapid communication

Members receive instant notifications when they establish a connection with another user or when they get a message. This feature promotes swift interactions among members, aiding in the development of stronger connections. Notifications also play a strategic role for the Victoria team. They utilize this tool to update members about upcoming events.

Paid subscription

Enhanced commitment

Our goal was to foster meaningful and ongoing interaction with the Victoria application, extending beyond initial downloads to habitual engagement. So, we established an obligatory subscription system. It effectively motivates users to opt for a premium membership. Such a membership is key to accessing the full array of features available in the Victoria community.

Visual identity

Aesthetic consistency

To complement Victoria's distinctive and high-end character, a visual design embodying luxury and sophistication was essential. We achieved consistency in visual presentation by creating a detailed user interface style guide and tailored branding materials for Victoria.

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