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Mobile App that focuses on a community of creative users that connect through their deepest desires and passions — art, music, culture, and powerful conversations. It creates a space for sharing valuable connections and outstanding live online events hosted in the app.

About the brand

Creative community & exclusive events

Victoria is a platform that offers eclectic individuals a network of like-minded people. The company made headlines during the advent of the pandemic, when they pivoted to a fully virtual platform and gave people a way to connect with others while stuck at home.

Scope of work

Collaborative from phase one

Our process began with investigative workshops, where we collaborated on the ideal user experience across both the mobile app and website. We sought to identify the pain points of a potential member and predict any difficulties with UI or UX, particularly when signing up through the app.

Once we had these answers, we transitioned into the design phase. Victoria was undergoing a complete rebrand and the new UX had to align with their changing audience demographics. This entailed continual updates of the UX to meet this new target user base, as well as optimizing Victoria for the app store.


Connecting with like-minded individuals

One of the two core features of the app, the Discover tab helps Victoria members connect using algorithm-based suggestions. We collaborated with Victoria on the optimal UI and UX by analyzing common benefits and drawbacks of modern membership-based community apps. Our goal was to help members connect and build a network in a natural, cohesive way.


Exclusive events

Once members discover each other, the real connection is developed through Victoria’s exclusive events, which are designed to enhance meaningful conversations. The Experiences tab is built like an events platform and provides all the necessary details, including the event description, guestlist, and number of tickets sold.

My Crew

Cultivate a meaningful network

When you meet someone through the Discover tab or through an online Experience, these connections are stored in the Connections tab. This allows members to build their network and use the chat feature to communicate and get to know each other.

Smooth onboarding

From applicant to Victoria member

When it comes to new users applying for the Victoria community, a smooth onboarding process is critical. Just one error or inconvenience (let alone confusion) can dissuade a user from following through with their application. In which case, we designed the UX in the spirit of simplicity, working to ensure seamless onboarding from applicant to Victoria member.

Don’t miss anyone

Personalizing each connection

To ensure genuine connection between members, we worked with Victoria to create extended profiles. This gave users more room to show off their personality and creativity — which is one of the core tenets of Victoria’s platform: real, honest connections.


New member acquisitions

With community-driven apps, word of mouth is arguably the most powerful marketing tool. To ensure that members could seamlessly bring new users to the community, we created a feature which allows current Victoria members to suggest their friends to submit an application. Additionally, we created in-app currency that rewards existing users for these referrals. This fueled new member acquisitions and created positive user experiences.


Increasing engagement with members

Members are notified immediately when they connect with another user or when they receive a message. This allows for quick engagement between members and helps foster connection. Notifications also serve a useful purpose for the Victoria team. They can use notifications to inform members about upcoming events, thus increasing overall engagement with the app.

Mandatory membership – Subscriptions

Premium membership to access the Victoria community

Seeking to create user immersion, where a potential member will not only download but use the Victoria app, we created a mandatory subscription feature that prompts users to move all the way down the sales funnel in order to gain access to the app. This includes paying for premium membership to access the Victoria community.

Visual identity – Colors, typography, icons, illustrations

Luxury UI Style Guide

To match the tone and exclusivity of the app, Victoria needed colors, typography, icons, and illustrations that demonstrated luxury and sophistication. In order to ensure consistency across the app, we created Victoria’s UI style guide and branding materials.


Among the different designers I’ve met, their design quality is the best I’ve ever seen.

Vicky Cheng



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