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Shopify-like app, but for the real estate investment industry

Stockholm, Sweden
Clutch Review
$10,000 to $49,999
  • Fintech
  • React.js/WordPress (Headless)
The Stockholm-based Reblocs wants to reshape the common understanding of real estate investing. Their digital presence as well as branding had to be just as good as their business idea. So they came to us.
It was a comprehensive web design and web development work, aimed at improving the end-user's experience through data-driven design decisions. We simplified the page and as a result made its contents stand out more. We also simplified the forms and the offer pages.
We got rid of communicational obstacles hindering Rebloc's message by introducing a new website that gives their content more space – all this to ensure a boost to readability and accessibility. New illustrations are modern and lively, giving the brand a cooler, more easy-going aura. Additionally, the new site performs better in all speed test metrics and is easier to manage.


Real estate investment with a twist

Reblocs collects data on their potential client base by offering a service that reshapes the common understanding of what it means to invest in real estate. The company came up with a platform that facilitates housing market investments and allows homeowners to release capital. Naturally, their digital presence as well as branding had to be just as good as their business idea. So they came to us.


The big brains behind it all

Great work on part of the team resulted in swift project execution and fast digital product delivery. Each team member had a distinct role, which they were fulfilling in a transparent, time-tracked manner for our client’s convenience.


We start with the plan

When we sat down to work we offered Reblocs several different web-design-related services. We arranged the project’s timeline in order to effectively deliver UX know-how, UI designs, Front-End development, and branding expertise. In our flow, we made sure to fit all the client’s requirements and include all the necessary procedures, including project moodboards and branding work.


A logo with a touch

When it comes to branding, Reblocs wished for a clean and modern overall experience. The logotype was given a small, unique touch. The favicon is bold, simple, and easy to remember.


Here’s a bright idea

As for the colors, we went with plain white backgrounds, black contrasts, and a vivid, fluorescent yellow-green for extra exclamation and a bit of excitement. There’s a hint of grey tones, giving the project a nuanced, professional feel. We picked two mature sans-serif fonts: Lexend Deca for all the headers, and the narrow Inter for blocks of text. Oh, and Swedish looks simply fabulous in these fonts.


A website eager to help you

The homepage acts as a business card and invites the user to get to know Reblocs better. In an unusual approach, we included two, very simple contact forms: the upper one for the waiting list, and the lower for general inquiries and help. This helped provide a feeling of openness and eagerness to help. We also implemented client-oriented quizzes that allow the company to come up with a suitable, bespoke offer.


Minimalist heaven

It’s an immensely clean and unburdened project. We effectively eliminated communication noise by giving every visible element an adequate amount of space, which improves accessibility and readability. There is also plenty of carefully selected illustrations, all of which have a characteristic style with various outlines, making the brand appear approachable and easy-going.


Fast & accessible

Reblocs’ new website on mobile devices offers rapid loading times and a straightforward user experience. The blocks of text have been shortened, while the buttons and forms got slightly bigger. We also made sure to make the architecture-related photos more pronounced and visible.


Engagement through motion

The website gradually explains all the details of Reblocs’ real estate investment offer as the user scrolls down. To remedy having the website feel as if it’s a one-pager (and to reduce bounce rates), we implemented several unique, scroll-controlled moveable elements that keep the users engaged and interested in the site’s content.

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Adchitects was very professional, friendly, and forthcoming.

Executive, Reblocs


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