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Corporate website for an innovative fish farming company

Atlantic Sapphire
Miami, Florida, United States
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Atlantic Sapphire
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A primary challenge we faced was clearly communicating the distinctive qualities and advantages of Atlantic Sapphire's eco-friendly seafood offerings. This involved emphasizing the benefits of their Recirculating Aquaculture Systems technology and its positive effects on ocean conservation and product quality.
Ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience was essential for attracting and informing visitors about Atlantic Sapphire's objectives, technology, and seafood offerings. The website we developed offers straightforward navigation and clear information, while also maintaining user engagement with interactive features.
Our team completed a comprehensive website design and development project for Atlantic Sapphire, significantly improving their online presence. The transformation helped build a solid reputation of trust and reliability with potential customers and business partners.


Eco-friendly salmon farming

Atlantic Sapphire stands at the forefront of sustainable and ocean-friendly seafood production, employing cutting-edge aquaculture methods. Their use of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems technology has transformed the fish farming industry, enabling them to produce top-quality salmon with a minimal ecological footprint.


Efficient project management

The project adhered to a stringent schedule, starting with in-depth research that set the stage for the user interface design. Our team skillfully developed a visually attractive and easy-to-use interface, mirroring Atlantic Sapphire's brand ethos and clearly presenting their sustainable seafood products.

In parallel, we kicked off the development and testing stages, focusing on ensuring smooth operation, adaptability in design, and the best possible user experience. This coordinated strategy facilitated efficient progress, empowering our team to deliver a visually striking and high-functioning digital product within the set timeframe.


It's a team effort!

The website project for Atlantic Sapphire was brought to life by a talented, collaborative group of experts committed to excellence. Guided by a seasoned project manager, the team included two user interface designers who infused the project with creative flair and visual acumen. Their designs were skillfully transformed into a functional, accessible website by an adept developer.

Key to the project's success was a user experience designer, whose insights were crucial in optimizing the site's usability and user experience. Complementing the team, a thorough tester rigorously examined the website, identifying and addressing any issues to ensure a flawless and smooth user experience.


Top-quality visual design

The homepage of Atlantic Sapphire's website boasts a modern and visually captivating design that immediately captures visitors' attention. It features large, stunning images of fish and nature, creating an immersive experience that aligns with the brand's commitment to sustainable seafood.


Defining innovation

The innovation page of Atlantic Sapphire's website showcases their revolutionary approach to aquaculture. The design of this page incorporates an illustrated section that highlights key aspects of their innovative solution.

From the unique water source and its purity, through the scalability of land-based fish farming, to the sophisticated technology that the company makes use of, the page effectively communicates Atlantic Sapphire's commitment to sustainable and advanced practices in the aquaculture industry.


Attractive blog section

The blog page design of Atlantic Sapphire's website breaks away from traditional conventions by utilizing tiles of different sizes and colors, creating a visually dynamic and engaging layout. The interactive feature, which makes it possible for a picture to appear upon hovering over a single tile, adds an element of interactivity and intrigue, enticing users to explore the content further.

This innovative design approach enhances the user experience and elevates the overall aesthetics of the blog page, aligning with Atlantic Sapphire's commitment to cutting-edge and visually captivating digital experiences.


Proactive communication with investors

The investor relations page of Atlantic Sapphire's website offers a comprehensive range of information and resources for shareholders and potential investors. With tabs dedicated to sharing information, financial reports, trading details, and stock exchange filings, the page provides a transparent and accessible platform for stakeholders to gain insights into the company's financial performance.

Additionally, the inclusion of sections on the company's financial calendar, presentations schedule, and annual general meetings demonstrates Atlantic Sapphire's commitment to proactive communication with investors.


Working with sellers globally

Atlantic Sapphire's website showcases the connection between Atlantic Sapphire and its associated brands, namely Bluehouse Salmon and Sapphire Salmon. It provides information about these brands and serves as a call-to-action for potential sellers to inquire about stocking their products.

When it comes to the contact page, it features a user-friendly contact form, facilitating direct communication between website visitors and the Atlantic Sapphire team. It ensures a seamless and efficient way to connect with potential clients.


Eye-catching mobile design

The Atlantic Sapphire website is fully responsive, adapting to different screen sizes for optimal viewing on mobile devices. The mobile version retains the visual appeal and functionality of the desktop site, ensuring a seamless user experience. Interactive components are optimized for touch interactions, allowing mobile users to navigate and interact with the site effortlessly.


Staying consistent

Although we were not directly involved in creating the company's brand kit, our team diligently followed Atlantic Sapphire's established branding guidelines. To maintain consistency, we selected the bold and impactful Presicav Bold font for headings, while utilizing the clean and legible Basis Grotesque font for body text. In terms of colors, we incorporated highlights that included a warm golden tone, a soft earthy hue, a deep navy shade, and a subtle grayish-blue, adding vibrancy and depth to key elements throughout the website design.


Answering client needs

The Atlantic Sapphire website effectively communicates the company's commitment to sustainable and innovative aquaculture practices, showcasing their unique land-based salmon farming approach. It serves as a powerful tool for Atlantic Sapphire to educate, engage, and inspire audiences while promoting their sustainable seafood offerings and reinforcing their position as a leader in the industry.


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