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A futuristic WordPress design for a biotechnology innovator

San Francisco, United States
Sequins Standards, Inc.
  • Biotech
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Sequins lacked a visual direction when it came to their branding. They only had a logo and the website of their parent company. They wanted us to design a new logo that would accurately represent their brand. In addition, Sequins asked us to develop a website that would provide their potential customers with a clear description of their area of expertise. They wanted to be perceived as a modern company that utilizes the latest technologies.
We created a new, minimalist logo and key visual for the Sequins brand. When it comes to the company's overall branding, we picked a color scheme that's modern and futuristic. At the same time, it's fairly simple. Instead of being overwhelming or chaotic, it's memorable and captures the user's attention. We also reorganized their website content using a proper hierarchy, ensuring that visitors can easily find what they are looking for.
Thanks to our help, the Sequins branding and website bring about the thoughts of modernity and professionalism. As a result, Sequins should find it easier to stand out from their competitors, most of whom have a rather conservative approach to their website design.


The future of genomics data quality

Sequins is a technological platform that's meant to improve the accuracy and usefulness of genomic data by enhancing the efficacy of genetic sequencing. It's responsible for developing and manufacturing synthetic genetic material controls, also known as Sequins, as well as a number of other bioinformatic tools.


Prioritizing client expectations

Before we started working on the project, we conducted a series of user experience and user interface workshops with Sequins. It allowed us to assess their needs, identify their target audience, and organize the content that's already present on their website. This helped ensure that the Sequins website is easy to navigate and meets the key requirements set out by the Sequins team.


Brand identity with a contemporary touch

The new Sequins logo builds upon the old logo. The key difference between the two is a fresh, modern feel that better aligns with current trends. What's more, it's easy to implement and reflects the company's connection to the biotechnology industry, which is commonly associated with genomes.


From the big picture to the details

Wireframes provide a valuable tool for structuring websites, determining hierarchy, and testing a wide range of different solutions before the design process begins. This approach saves both time and money. The collaboration between designers, as well as clear communication at every stage of the project, allows for joint problem-solving and achieving the best results possible.


Impactful user experience

The design of the Sequins website incorporates modern and subtle gradient usage, evocative illustrations, and a non-standard yet clear typographical composition. The contrastive CTA further enhances the layout, resulting in an impactful and compelling user experience. The overall effect is a sleek layout with a touch of intrigue and mystique.


Keeping mobile users engaged

The mobile version of the Sequins website offers easy access to essential information and a clear and simple way to get to the most important applications. To put it simply, this user-friendly mobile design ensures a seamless and engaging browsing experience.


Highlighting the benefits

The subpage related to the Sequins application boasts a clear and clean layout. It presents all the essential information that the client might need in an engaging and orderly manner. Detailed descriptions of the application's features and processes are provided, making it easy for users to understand the benefits of using the application.


Making essential information easy to find

The design of the subpages with key resources and frequently asked questions offers easy access to the most important information about Sequins. This ensures that website users can easily find the information they need before contacting the company, saving time for both parties.


A symbiotic and supportive team

The new Sequins website was created by a cohesive team of designers and developers. They worked in close collaboration with a project manager, a quality assurance specialist, and the CEO of Adchitects to ensure that the project met client expectations.


Colors and typography

The Sequins home page features a dark color scheme. It goes well with lighter subpages that contain scientific data, giving the entire website a modern and professional look. The subtle grain added to the gradients ensures a unique and slightly organic appearance. To top it all off, the use of the modernist sans-serif Satoshi typeface results in an innovative and distinctive typography.


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