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Bold and unique website for an advanced conversational advertising platform

Oslo, Norway
Cavai AS
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  • Information Technology
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Cavai, having gained global recognition in the conversational and interactive advertising sector, aimed to have a website that not only matched their stature, but also set new trends. They decided to move away from their original black and yellow branding. The goal was to adopt a bolder and more striking visual identity, enhancing their visibility in the industry.
Our approach was influenced by the company's newly crafted brand book, which featured an array of bright colors and dynamic gradients. Additionally, we crafted unique yet visually coherent pages for various content types. This included areas for case studies, blog posts, creative showcases, and video content.
Our team created a new, responsive website for Cavai that showcases a daring and eye-catching design. We skillfully integrated the most recent advancements in development technology, ensuring that even with a lot of content, the website remains fast and efficient. It's set to impress Cavai's clients, providing them with an enjoyable and modern online experience.


Going against the grain

We embarked on redesigning Cavai's website with the goal of setting the company apart from its competitors. The design adhered to Cavai's fresh brand guidelines, introducing vibrant colors and gradients. It was a departure from the typically sterile tones seen in other advertising agencies.


Distinctive products

Cavai are known for their advertising platform. It's brimming with features tailored to various e-commerce businesses. In light of this, our team gave top priority to understanding and fulfilling our client's specific needs. This commitment led us to painstakingly design and develop custom-built subpages. They are highly adaptable and effectively highlight Cavai's unique products and services.


Custom, headless, beautiful

We undertook an extensive web design and development project, adhering to established branding and visual identity rules. The project involved a detailed audit, user experience and user interface design, and significant front-end development. The outcome was a tailor-made, headless, responsive website.


Seamless integration

Cavai aimed for their website to feature a wide range of content, including a company blog, a video gallery, and a comprehensive display of their work and case studies. The website's pages were seamlessly integrated through meticulously developed user experience and user interface solutions.


Where function meets style

It's on mobile devices that Cavai's website stands out. It's attributed to its optimized page layout, which enhances accessibility and simplifies viewing content on screens of any size. Additionally, the design details like vibrant gradients, distinct illustrations, and fashionable fonts are more noticeable and appreciable on mobile devices.


More than vibrant

There's no denying the distinctiveness of Cavai's branding. The designers chose to pair a wide range of vivid colors and gradients with each subpage of the website, creating a diverse and dynamic visual experience. The choice of fonts further enhances this uniqueness. The striking Atilla and modern Satoshi fonts are used throughout, adding a final touch of originality to Cavai’s new website.


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