Bold website for an conversational SaaS platform

Cavai AS
Information Technology
Oslo, Norway
  • Responsive Website
  • React.js/WordPress (headless)

With the conversational advertising leader Cavai we turned out to be the perfect duo to create an exceptional, bold, and colorful responsive website that’s simply made to impress. Here’s the story behind this next-level web design project.


Fun, fast & simple

The Cavai team grasped worldwide attention in the conversational and interactive advertising industry with their adventurous vision and user-first approach. And once you get big, there comes a point in time when you want your website to catch up with the newest trends. This is exactly what Cavai wanted, as they wished to ditch their previous black and yellow branding and get up-to-date with a new, unique website.


Going against the grain

With their previous website being somewhat bland and unremarkable, we set to work on Cavai’s new website with the intention of increasing their brand and product awareness. Our design followed their new brand book, which implemented lots of colors, gradients, and lots of content pages, such as Products, Creative Gallery, Blog or Case Study pages.


Starting the conversation

One of Cavai’s unique aspects are their products: an advertising cloud full of features, and integrated, fit-all-sizes interactive marketing tools for all kinds of e-commerce businesses. This model required us to pay extra attention to our client’s needs in order to design and develop custom-built, diversified subpages that will showcase their products well while being accessible and easy to understand.


Custom, headless, beautiful

It was a comprehensive web design and development work within pre-established branding and visual identity guidelines, which we implemented for the first time. This includes a thorough audit, UX & UI design work, as well as extensive front-end development. The final result was a custom headless responsive website built on WordPress, fully accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.


Content heaven

Cavai wanted their website to house all sorts of various content, including a company blog, Cavai TV video gallery, and a fully-functioning showcase of their work and case studies, where users would be able to try out and click through their interactive advertisements for themselves. All pages have been satisfyingly unified by well-researched UX and UI solutions, which unify the pages together and guarantee a consistent user experience.


Grasping the attention

It’s on mobile devices that Cavai’s new headless website truly shines, and it’s thanks to the way the page’s space was optimized to maximize accessibility and allow easy content viewing, regardless of screen size. It’s also easier to spot all the design nuances on mobile, such as colorful gradients, unique illustrations, and stylish fonts.


More than vibrant

  • So, how many colors you want, fam?
  • Yes.

One thing is for sure – it’s impossible to be indifferent to Cavai’s branding. The designers decided to group an entire palette of bright shades and accompanying gradients with each of the website’s subpages, giving the whole project a diversified and exciting look. There could be no boring fonts here either, as the distinctive Atilla and modernist Satoshi complete the one-of-a-kind look for Cavai’s new website.


Not like the others

The Cavai team wanted their new website to stand out from the other ad tech companies, and to increase the company’s brand and product visibility. Needless to say, their new responsive website sure is visible now. It’s a web design and web development wonder, that combines flamboyant style and brave design choices with the latest developer tech, making this content-heavy website a lightweight pioneering project that Cavai’s countless clients are sure to fall in love with.


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