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Product design for a cross-border recruitment platform

Karlstad, Sweden
Clutch Review
Workwide AB
  • Human Resources
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Lingocruit wanted their platform to facilitate job-hunting for future expats, and employee-finding for recruiters. Their principles, goals, and an easy-to-understand application process needed to be communicated on their website in a clear and approachable manner.
The leading principle behind Lingocruit's new site was to make sure it communicates its values better. This was achieved through simplifying the recruitment process, which saves time for employees and employers alike. It's not all show and no go either, as the service is connected via API with an external CRM recruiting system, which is a great help to recruiters.
We gave Lingocruit a stylish, minimalist recruitment and job-hunting website, which steers clear from cold, corporate tones thanks to the vibrant and colorful branding we've introduced. The site is faster, easier to use, and sports cutting-edge, lightweight code.


Job hunting streamlined

Self-describing their approach as "for expats, by expats", the Lingocruit team is dedicated to facilitating the process of finding a new workplace abroad for employees across Europe. At the same time, they're offering employers a chance to scoop up the best talent on the continental market with no borders or languages getting in the way.


Working abroad made easy

Emigrating for work is an act that evokes both inspiring energy and hindering concern. The professionals behind Lingocruit are well aware of this fact and wanted their platform to give soon-to-be expats encouragement and a positive outlook on the whole process of finding work abroad.


Web App & Brand Identity

The biggest principle behind Lingocruit's new website was to make sure it radiates with positive vibes, outlining a perspective of infinite possibilities, so relevant to the liminal period between one job and another – a place full of hope that the typical user of this website will find themselves more often than not.

The website is submerged in plain white and slightly beige backgrounds, offering a pleasingly aesthetic opportunity for all the small elements to shine: buttons, icons, and shapes work in a symphony of contrasting colors. Human-centered photography content is the cherry on top.


Forms & questionnaires

You can't escape filling out forms when you're applying for a job, so we had to make sure these elements of the website were really on the ball. Here it was clarity, approachability, and uniformity above all. We came up with slightly spaced-out input fields with no pointy corners and matching typography that gave the whole forms page a much softer look.


Mobile: where simplicity wins

Naturally, a refreshing web app comes with a mobile version too, and it's here where we agreed with the Lingocruit team on a modern, minimalistic, and readable interface. This is also a prime spot where carefully selected photographs take some of the pressure of job hunting off, radiating with an aura of an adventure that awaits.


New branding

Lingocruit were not only looking for a new website, they also wanted to find a style they could call their own. We've already found common ground on backgrounds, highlights or contrasts, but the thing that made us go „This is it!” were the squiggly lines with rough edges that were used to balance out the website's look in order give it a human-natured feel, reminiscent of doodles we make when we want to relieve the stress of an upcoming job interview.


Beautiful & readable

White background and orange elements are the most prevalent parts of the design. There's also the contrasting, deep-but-cheerful green that's mostly being used for icons and occasional, short sections, as well as the site's footer. It's an intentional combination of colors both soothing and energetic in nature, which combine optimism with professionalism. As for typography, you can't miss with a beautiful sans serif font, and the carefully selected duo of Haboro Contrast Norm and Lemur turned out to work really well in tandem.

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Adchitects' efforts have enabled the business to expand its offerings and resulted in an increase in traffic.

Fiddelie Nyvall

Lingocruit AB (Karlstad, Sweden)


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