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Appealing website for a global crypto liquidity provider

Gravity Team
Riga, Latvia
Gravity Team
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Gravity Team approached us with just a logo and a one-pager, seeking to position their company as a new force in the algorithmic cryptocurrency industry. They wanted their website to serve as a professional business card and an indication of their cryptocurrency-oriented entrepreneurship, with the goal of inspiring trustfulness and transparency.
We developed a fast and captivating website. Our design direction aligned with the distinctive aesthetic typical of the cryptocurrency industry. We then enhanced it with vivid illustrations and animations, infusing energy into the site and effectively capturing the dynamic essence of the cryptocurrency sector.
Gravity Team now boasts a quick-loading website. It comprehensively details their offerings across several subpages, each enriched with dedicated visual assets, charts, and graphics. Additionally, we've significantly enhanced the ease of website operation by making it less reliant on manual content management, streamlining the process for greater efficiency.


Blockchain pioneers

Gravity Team is a quantitative cryptocurrency trading firm that started in 2017, offering trading opportunities, exchanges, and liquidity services. Seeing blockchain technology evolve, they knew they had to improve their online presence to spread their new ideas.


Collaborative development

Our approach was simple yet effective, focusing on both user experience and interface design while fostering collaboration between designers and developers for maximum efficiency. Prior to delivering the website to Gravity Team, we meticulously conducted quality checks to ensure a flawless launch.


Achieving excellence through cooperation

When it comes to projects involving modern, responsive websites, successful outcomes hinge on collaboration. And when it comes to competence and cooperation, the team below exemplifies excellence.


Innovative design

Gravity Team's home page stands out with its dark tones, featuring a sliding bar displaying current exchange rates and a gridded, virtual floor reminiscent of a stock exchange's trading floor. Our goal was to create something that aligns seamlessly with the brand identity of a cryptocurrency company. Mixing dark colors, typical of the industry, with modern gradients and animations, we aimed for an on-brand aesthetic that's going to resonate with potential visitors.


Fueling growth

The Gravity Team offers specialized assistance designed to propel the cryptocurrency market forward. To highlight this service, we incorporated dynamic elements into the website's design, including eye-catching animations, an animated graph demonstrating the journey of a typical cryptocurrency company, and a display highlighting the team's most distinguished partners.


Liquidity boost

In our collaboration with Gravity Team, our primary goal was to enhance their digital presence by imbuing it with a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness. By integrating a visually captivating animation to emphasize liquidity for cryptocurrency exchanges and curating a section dedicated to partner testimonials, we aimed to illustrate the breadth and depth of Gravity Team's contributions to the industry.


Discoverability enhanced

The services page, designed as a central hub, effectively showcases Gravity Team's offerings, consolidating their services into a single, user-friendly interface. This approach not only streamlines the user experience, but also significantly enhances the site's search engine rankings. In a complementary fashion, the about page stands out due to its deliberate use of on-brand gradients and blurs. These design choices are essential elements that are integral to the brand identity we crafted, further reinforcing Gravity Team's market presence.


Enhanced readability

Gravity Team's website boasts a sleek and straightforward design that translates beautifully across mobile devices. The site was meticulously engineered to ensure swift navigation and optimal responsiveness. Special attention was paid to readability and accessibility, ensuring that interactive elements like buttons, charts, and animations are not only easily legible, but also strategically placed to enhance user experience without causing distraction.


Geometric elegance

The website's predominantly dark theme is effectively counterbalanced with the use of blue and gold gradients and blurs, aligning perfectly with the aesthetic often associated with contemporary and forward-thinking websites. In keeping with the cryptocurrency market theme, the website employs the Satoshi font, a clean and almost geometric sans-serif typeface.

This project has been awarded
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