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Content-heavy website for time tracking software

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ClickTime Inc.
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ClickTime sought to enhance the appeal and professionalism of their time-tracking software, aiming to attract larger clients and investors. While their software was of high quality, there was a need for the website to match this excellence in terms of representation and cohesion. This included aligning the website more closely with the company's visual and corporate identity.
Our team embarked on a comprehensive website creation project, encompassing branding efforts and the development of several sub-pages, including a dedicated section for case studies. We employed the innovative atomic design methodology to ensure the website was not only accessible and user-friendly, but also lightweight and dependable.
We transformed ClickTime's brand identity into a sleek, professional appearance, coupled with a modern, crisp, and responsive website. It showcases the best industry practices and is crafted using the latest design methodologies and principles.


Digital evolution

ClickTime has been a pioneer in the software as a service industry since the late nineties, initially making a mark with their innovative consulting model. They really set themselves apart with the development of their expense and time-tracking software. By 2022, it became essential for the company to revamp their website to mirror the quality of their software and align with their refreshed corporate identity.


It’s a team effort!

In typical Adchitects team fashion, some of our best talent stepped onto the field, delivering an outstanding performance in design and development. Of course, the guiding hands of our coaches – the project manager, testing team, and CEO – were instrumental in this endeavor. Needless to say, the project turned out to be a resounding success.


Client-first approach

Every project at our firm begins with onboarding and detailed, project-focused consultations with the client. After finding mutual understanding, we get to work. For ClickTime, our initial focus was on developing a new brand identity, followed by the website redesign.


Expertise meets software

We utilize industry-leading software known for its user-friendly interface yet challenging learning curve. It's in this challenging environment that our expert designers truly excel.


Font harmony

Featuring a captivating mix of serif and sans-serif fonts, this design strikes a perfect balance. The commanding presence of Tiempos adorns headers and titles, while DM Sans gracefully handles smaller captions and buttons.


We hope you like blue!

Our color palette is serene and straightforward, yet it encompasses an array of shades. Dark, deep blues harmonize with a significantly lighter sky blue. We boldly incorporated radial gradients to highlight elements like buttons. The contrasting use of a subtly dark orange completes the dichotomy between blue and orange.


Strategic branding manual

The success of a new brand identity hinges on the support of a well-designed brand book. ClickTime's brand book acts as a crucial manual, detailing the optimal practices for their refreshed brand approach.


Structured creativity

What sets this project apart is the implementation of the atomic design approach. It's an interface design system that organizes website elements into a hierarchy, from atoms to molecules, and then to organisms, categorizing them based on their functionality and interrelationships. This method allowed us to quickly establish a clear website structure and save time through the reuse of components.


Designing digital organisms

How does it work? Think of each website component as an organism. Within this organism are vital components called molecules, which are clusters of elements with unique properties. The smallest parts of these molecules are atoms, akin to colors or animations. Just as in chemistry, they form the foundational elements of the system. This structure in content building allows our web design team to create more cohesive website architectures. By reusing these interface components, we efficiently save time and effort in the design process.


User-friendly experience

Once the new website's structure was finalized, the elements coalesced to provide a seamless and harmonious user experience. The atomic design approach afforded us the opportunity to devote more time to enhancing the website's readability and user-friendliness.


Balanced information design

The focal point of our design efforts was undeniably the platform itself, highlighting its functionality and ease of use. ClickTime’s expense and time tracking solution was endowed with a newly designed product page, skillfully balancing a wealth of information with a clean and approachable layout.


Interactive product tour

A critical requirement for the website was to enable users to understand the functionality of the ClickTime application. To achieve this, we developed a content-rich product tour page that comprehensively details ClickTime's unique features. It does so through an intuitive, slider-like interface for ease of navigation.


Showcasing business triumphs

Got an amazing company? Let the world know! A complete enterprise website must include a history of the company's successes. For ClickTime, we crafted a website that not only highlights their achievements but also tells the compelling story of their journey and growth in the industry.


Enhancing workflows

The ClickTime team strategically designed their software to integrate seamlessly with numerous existing tools and platforms, enhancing the overall work experience. For easier navigation, these integrations are neatly categorized on their website.


Intuitive mobile design

The mobile version of the website is equally sleek! It features intuitive buttons, seamlessly integrated branding, and a well-organized menu that comprehensively includes the website's subpages, ensuring an exceptional mobile browsing experience.


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