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Kaiterra, a leader in the air quality industry known for their attractive products, had a website that lacked effectiveness in data presentation and did not reflect a sense of innovation or modernity. The company also aimed to clearly demonstrate their commitment to science-based data and expertise.
The revamped website for Kaiterra boasts speed, intuitiveness, and accessibility. Designed with the viewpoint of a prospective client in mind, it aims to present engaging and compelling content. It exudes confidence and expertise, underpinned by real data, which is effectively illustrated through graphs, statistics, and other persuasive visual elements.
We assisted Kaiterra in elevating their digital presence and more effectively conveying their commitment to sustainability. This was achieved by developing a mature, responsive website featuring aesthetically pleasing data visualization, unique background designs, and versatile typography, all of which align with the brand's professional image.

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A change of air

Kaiterra operates globally in 149 countries and regions. Their mission is to combat climate change and enhance employee wellness. They do so with the help of innovative devices and integrated software solutions designed for companies, their staff, and the office environments they work in.

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Breathing life into data

Tackling the challenge of scientifically addressing air quality, our focus was on enhancing user accessibility. The website's standout feature is its data-driven presentation, which includes an array of statistics, graphs, and other visual tools.

We meticulously ensured that all these elements were consistent and readable. This careful design approach simplifies the process for users to quickly access and understand vital information about their indoor air quality.

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Efficiency in every step

We always plan our website design tasks ahead of time. It not only makes things clearer for our clients, but also helps us save time. With Kaiterra, starting with essential user experience design work was key to getting their unique style of showing air quality data right.

After that, we moved on to coordinated work on user interface design and development, and wrapped things up with thorough testing to ensure top quality.

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Designing for a greener future

Sustainability is a core value at Adchitects, and we're committed to creating designs and code that positively impact lives. Our collaboration with Kaiterra was a seamless fit, resonating with our ethos. Each team member dedicated themselves to delivering a solution as eco-friendly and life-enhancing as Kaiterra's products themselves.

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Where clarity meets depth

The website presents a light and breezy design, yet it's rich in content. We carved out specific sections for detailed descriptions of Kaiterra’s offerings, supplementing their narrative with in-depth data like technical specifications, product features, and pricing.

A crucial addition is the unobtrusive button in the top-right corner, always visible for users to book a demo or schedule a consultation, without being intrusive.


Setting the tone

We opted for a cool, dark color scheme with a few base colors complemented by brighter contrasting tones. This combination created a website that's not only easy on the eyes but also conveys a sense of calm, sustainability, and professionalism. A notable feature is the use of linear technical drawings. These artistic illustrations add a creative flair to the website.

For Kaiterra’s revamped branding, oversized typography played a key role. We chose the Manrope font family, known for its aesthetically pleasing, geometric numbers, making it ideal for showcasing data.

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Desktop website design, About company page


Optimal mobile experience

The mobile website's objective was to deliver a user experience as clean and refreshing as the air Kaiterra strives to purify. We prioritized optimizing mobile performance, ensuring the site was fast and user-friendly. Additionally, we emphasized Kaiterra's unique branding by using a visually striking combination of deep midnight blue and white backgrounds.

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