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Enhanced electric scooter experience with an innovative mobile app

Apollo Scooters
Montreal, Canada
Clutch Review
Apollo Imports Inc.
$25,000 – $49,999
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  • Electric Mobility
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Apollo Scooters, a leader in e-mobility, sought to enhance their electric scooter range with a dedicated mobile application. Their goal was to elevate their users' product experience, as well as to provide them with greater control over their vehicles.
Extensive design and software development work resulted in a sleek application. It came equipped with a wide range of new features, including account creation, scooter pairing, a rider dashboard, a map, route planning capabilities, and saved locations, to name a few.
Apollo's new mobile application sets the benchmark for personal vehicle applications. It's equipped with every feature a scooter owner might need. What's more, the application's design ensures seamless navigation, improving ease of use and scooter functionality.


Smart companion

Apollo Scooters aspired to develop a mobile application that matched the innovative spirit of their scooters. The aim was to enhance the product experience for scooter owners, offering them greater control over their vehicles. The end result, tailored to the specific needs of electric scooter users, proved to be more than just a simple map and charging indicator. It became an indispensable tool for the Apollo Scooters riders.


What we started with

The initial minutes of a user's experience with an application are pivotal to its success, as they set the tone for future engagement and satisfaction. Understanding this critical aspect, our team dedicated significant effort to ensure these first moments are impactful and positive.

We meticulously crafted the user journey within the Apollo Scooters application, focusing on a seamless and intuitive sign-up and introduction process. This approach was designed to guide users smoothly through their initial interactions, fostering a positive and lasting impression of the application.


Initial design process

Before incorporating any branding or stylistic elements, we start with wireframing, an essential conceptual stage concentrating on primary functions and user interaction. The design of the application encompasses a range of menus. Among these menus, the most critical are the statistics, vehicle status, online store, and profile settings. These menus form the backbone of the app, providing essential services and user engagement points.


User onboarding

The account sign-up screen is the first interface encountered by new users. We unanimously chose a minimalist design for this tab, focusing on simplicity and avoiding unnecessary elements. The aesthetic charm was significantly enhanced by incorporating high-quality, 3D-rendered background imagery.

Device integration

User-friendly pairing

Our team focused on creating an intuitive pairing experience, featuring clear menus, instructional videos, and some innovative functionalities. One such feature allows users to assign unique names to their scooters, a particularly useful option for those owning multiple vehicles.


Clarity and function

In response to the availability of high-quality smartphone mounts in Apollo’s online store, dashboard features became a critical component of our application. Emphasizing clarity, the application showcases a large, easily readable speedometer to ensure riders can quickly assess their speed. For those planning longer trips, the app also includes visual cues for battery charge and range, enhancing the overall user experience.

Motion design

Dynamic interactivity

In our design strategy, we recognized the importance of implementing custom motion graphics, especially in sections where the app is engaging in loading or connecting activities. These animations were carefully crafted to communicate ongoing processes, providing users with visual feedback.

Urban mobility

Enhanced navigation

Apollo Scooters' electric models are designed to replace cars in urban environments. Accordingly, they require robust, vehicle-grade mapping and navigation features. From a design perspective, we've tailored the map's aesthetic to align with the brand's color scheme of gray and dark-gray, complemented by striking light blue and orange highlights for clear contrast and easy navigation.

Streamlined interface

User-centric navigation

Our approach was to focus on fundamental features for efficient navigation. This includes a list of saved journey destinations, allowing users quick access to their frequently visited places. Additionally, we integrated an intuitive address input field equipped with predictive suggestions.

Access control

Flexible security

In developing the vehicle access and locking features, it was essential to consider a wide range of user preferences. For locking and unlocking the scooter, we harnessed contemporary smartphone technologies. This includes facial recognition, fingerprint verification, and the traditional option of a PIN number, catering to diverse security needs and user comfort.


Data integration

The application provides a comprehensive summary of each scooter journey, accessible through intuitive menus. Beyond tracking standard metrics like distance, speed, and duration, it also offers insights into the motor's temperature and energy consumption, providing users with extensive information about their rides.


Customization options

In crafting the settings menu, we aimed for a balance, avoiding both over-simplicity and complexity. The menu includes an array of user-friendly controls like sliders and icons, with essential functions distinctly marked in bright red for easy recognition and to prevent inadvertent taps, maintaining the application's visual coherence.

Family safety

Parental oversight

Acknowledging the role of electric scooters as a primary vehicle for many young individuals, we integrated a feature that allows parents to monitor their children's usage, which is especially useful for shared family vehicles. The interface includes a secure code input field, enabling parents to lock and unlock the scooter, thereby ensuring safe and controlled usage by younger family members.

Customer support

Streamlined assistance

The application includes a functionality where users can locate nearby workshops affiliated with Apollo and schedule maintenance services for their scooters. This feature combines elements of mapping, navigation, and address searching to provide a seamless and efficient help and support experience for the user.

Product marketplace

Diverse offerings

In the final iteration of the application, the online store emerges as a key component. Its offerings go beyond scooters, encompassing a wide selection of spare parts for DIY enthusiasts and a variety of accessories such as headlights, locks, and bags, thus expanding the range of products available to users.

Stylish design

Brand consistency

Apollo's elegant, dark-colored scooters inspired the app's gray and dark gray color scheme, reflecting the brand's high-end appeal. Light blue accents offer contrast, adhering to the brand's visual identity. The use of modern, sans-serif fonts like Gibson and Nimbus Sans Extended complements the scooters' innovative design.

Our collaboration with Apollo Scooters epitomizes the fusion of innovation and meticulous planning. We provided comprehensive user experience and user interface design, along with front-end software development, customizing our services to align with the ambitious scope of their project. The result is a sophisticated, modern application catering to both daily commuters and leisure riders.

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They were one of the best UX designers and developers I’ve worked with.

Mac Piskorz

Co-Founder – Apollo Scooters


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