E-commerce redesign for NYC-based menswear apparel label

Minebottlescale Inc.
New York, USA
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$10,000 to $49,999
  • Custom E-commerce
  • Shopify

Seneca is a New York City-based high-end menswear brand with a backbone and a strong set of values. What they needed was a comprehensive Shopify e-commerce platform redesign that would drive conversions, increase traffic, and ensure a premium shopping experience. This is where we stepped in with our expertise. Here’s the story.


Clothing with an ethos

Seneca's specialty is mature, smart-casual menswear. By using responsibly sourced materials and having a defined set of company values, they indicate their aspirations of delivering sustainable, functional, comfortable, and elegant clothing that lasts longer.


Through the eyes of the user

Our goal was to increase conversions and make an already existing website more accessible and pleasant to use on mobile. Additionally, some of the issues to be addressed were website length, the number of clicks it takes to reach the product page, and brand identity consistency. Our UX analysis included the Cognitive Walkthrough method, during which we approach the website from the perspective of a new user.


Experience first

Unlike many other projects we’ve done, instead of building a new website, we’ve overhauled the interface of an already existing page. Our UX Audit & Strategy process incorporated thorough website research. Once we agreed on what works, we sat down to UX- and UI-related work, both on the front- and back-end.


Give ‘em space

Mobile user experience was one of the key issues to be addressed, so we suggested simplifying the website’s contents by giving the omnipresent photos and captions a little bit of space. With enough breathing room, high-quality model photography became bolder and more emphasized. The icons, buttons, and menus also benefited from more legroom, offering a much more streamlined experience.


Intuitively clean

Product Detail Page (PDP) received the most impactful overhaul. The task at hand was to direct more of the user’s attention to the product itself. We’ve shortened the page and reduced the number of details, making the photographs a natural centerpiece of the page.


Better product browsing

Product Listing was another area, where we streamlined and simplified the experience. We’ve cleaned up the grid, limited the number of products appearing in a row on mobile devices, and added functional filters and features, such as “Notify me” and “Quick add”.


Big city style

Seneca’s new website’s branding is as smart-casual as their clothing. Here, maturity meets confidence, as cool grey and white elements are complemented by lively orange, with delicate shades of beige completing the sophisticated, modern look. Acumin Pro is a gold standard of typography, and this versatile sans-serif font goes well with the professional ambiance of this brand.


When the plan works

The Seneca team was kind enough to report back their findings after deploying the website. During the first month, the company more than doubled its conversion rates, fulfilling one of the most important goals of the whole project. We worked with a client-prepared website mock-up, not only realizing their concepts but improving them with user experience-enhancing features. The final product is a modern, clean-looking, custom e-commerce website that captures the user’s attention and encourages them to explore the brand’s offer. Seneca decided to continue working with us, updating the scope of the project to include regular website maintenance.


We've doubled our conversion in just one month.

Nikh Khosla

CEO – Seneca


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