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103% conversion increase in a Shopify store with menswear apparel

New York, United States
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$10,000 to $49,999
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Seneca, a high-end men's apparel brand based in NYC, enlisted Adchitects to undertake a significant redesign of their Shopify e-commerce platform. The goal was to boost conversions, attract more traffic, and provide their customers with a premium shopping experience.
Drawing from insights gained during a thorough audit conducted by our expert team, Seneca's website underwent a comprehensive redesign. Significant improvements were made to the website's mobile functionality. In addition, we introduced fresh layouts for product pages and listings, enhancing their overall user experience.
The end result of our collaboration is a refined, modern e-commerce website that epitomizes Seneca's commitment to quality and style. Within the first month after launch, Seneca experienced a substantial increase in conversion rates, more than doubling previous figures. This significant uplift in conversions was a major achievement, fulfilling one of the primary objectives of our comprehensive project.


Clothing with an ethos

Seneca excels in crafting mature, smart-casual menswear. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their use of responsibly sourced materials. This approach, coupled with their well-defined company values, reflects their dedication to offering durable, functional, and elegantly comfortable clothing designed to stand the test of time.


Comprehensive overhaul

Unlike in many of our previous projects, we weren't asked to construct a new website from scratch. Instead, we were tasked with transforming an existing one. The process began with a thorough user experience evaluation, which helped us analyze the website as it stood.

This foundational analysis paved the way for focused initiatives in user experience and user interface design. We dedicated ourselves to refining both of these aspects, with improvements spanning from front-end design to back-end functionalities.


User's perspective

We wanted to boost conversions and enhance the mobile friendliness of Seneca's website. To achieve our goals, we analyzed it from the point of view of a first-time visitor. Then, we shortened it, as well as reduced the number of clicks needed to reach different product pages.


Give ‘em space

We made sure to improve the website's mobile user experience. Our solution was to simplify it, giving more space to photos and captions. This made the model photos stand out more. We also gave more room to icons, buttons, and menus, making the site easier and smoother to use on mobile devices.


Uncomplicated elegance

The product detail page underwent a significant transformation. Our main goal was to make the user focus on the product itself. We achieved this by condensing the page and minimizing extraneous details, allowing the photographs to become the page's natural focal point.


User-friendly product browsing

In the product listing area, we made efforts to streamline and simplify the browsing experience. The grid was cleaned up, and the number of products shown in a single row on mobile devices was reduced. We also added practical features and filters for improved functionality.


Maturity and vibrance

The redesign of Seneca's website mirrors the smart-casual essence of their apparel. A blend of maturity and confidence is expressed through a palette of cool grey and white.

Accented with vibrant orange and subtle beige tones, it crafts a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic. The use of Acumin Pro, a gold standard in sans-serif typography, complements the brand's professional demeanor perfectly.


Award-winning work

Seneca's redesigned website garnered widespread acclaim, earning both a Gold and a Silver award at the Online Design Awards. On top of that, it received an Honorable Mention from the esteemed Awwwards, further solidifying its status as one of the market's top web design endeavors.

This project has been awarded
as an honorable mention by awwwards.
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We've doubled our conversion in just one month.

Nikh Khosla

CEO – Seneca


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