Bluehouse Salmon

A brand new website for the newest superfood

Bluehouse Salmon
Atlantic Sapphire
Farm Products
Miami, USA
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$25,000 – $49,999
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Bluehouse Salmon is better for fish, families, and our planet – we created a beautifully functional website to match that mission.

About The Brand

Bluehouse for a Green Planet

Their name – Bluehouse – refers to the premium habitat their salmon grow and swim in. Their innovative, sustainable design emulates the way a greenhouse provides an ideal environment for plants. Opening Bluehouse Salmon's website is like entering that world: clean, crisp, and stress-free.

Scope of Work

Channeling the unique brand

With strong initial direction provided by our clients, we could continue to explore and expand upon the company's vision through our own creative ideation. Ultimately, we created a cohesive website that fully embraces Bluehouse's unique branding.

Scope of Work

Mapping leads to conversions

A beautiful design isn't worth much without an easy-to-navigate, fully optimized layout and structure. Our tactful setup directs users to the customized map feature with the nearest Bluehouse Salmon retailers and restaurants—which is based on the user's location. This turns visitors into customers.


Chef-quality meals, beginner-friendly instructions

Anyone can cook with Bluehouse Salmon – but they might not know that yet. We created a Recipes section with engaging videos and mouth-watering meals so that the average user feels empowered to purchase, cook with, and enjoy their salmon.


Our work is never finished

Our creations are delivered on-time and on-budget, but much like a delicious salmon dish, some meals need a few more minutes in the oven before being served. We analyze web traffic and performance to make ongoing improvements, and update the site regularly with newly prepared promotional materials, additional retail locations, maintenance of plug-ins, and more.

Visual Design

Bon appétit across every device

Every user matters, no matter what device they're on. Our carefully designed website serves customers on both desktop and mobile devices with a consistent, enjoyable user experience.


Adchitects proved to be an effective partner that facilitated a refreshing website experience.

Deborah Haust

Lead Marketing Advisor - Atlantic Sapphire (US)


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