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Sustainable financiers with a new lead-generating Web App solution

Washington, D.C., United States
Sustainable Capital Advisors, LLC
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AskSustainable came to us with an idea for an accessible website, where the central role is played by a custom-made comparison feature that analyzes climate-friendly investment products. They wanted an accessible interface, and a creative application of their branding, which was to complete the website's welcoming feel.
These sustainability-oriented investment products come in thousands, so we grouped them up into categories for easy viewing. What’s also new, each listing comes with a set of detailed filtering options. Above that, we’ve created the News, Library, and Glossary subpages, as the client wanted to build an informed and engaged community around the site.
We equipped AskSustainable’s website with an investment product comparing feature that simplified the life of their users by a great deal. Comprehensive UX and UI design work made the site intuitive and user-friendly, and the new subpages will allow the company to communicate its values more effectively.
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Our work in numbers

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Investing for the climate

How can our investments make a positive impact on the environment? AskSustainable is committed to answering that question by identifying and evaluating investment products that combine financial return and environmental impact, from checking accounts to mutual funds, to create a more sustainable future for our planet.


From idea to execution

The project involved three main phases: UX Design, Ul Design, and development. First, our UX team conducted extensive research to map and identify user needs and the platform's user flow. Later, UI designers developed the visual design language and created high-fidelity layouts. Finally, during the development phase, we brought the platform to life using modern web technologies, creating a seamless experience for users to explore financing products, access educational resources, and engage with the AskSustainable community.


Sustainable Empowerment

The homepage provides a seamless and intuitive experience for individuals who are passionate about sustainable investing. Within the product listings section, users can effortlessly explore a diverse range of financial products that align with their unique financial and environmental preferences. It is strongly encouraged for users to create an account and become part of the AskSustainable community, unlocking exclusive access to additional features and valuable content.


Effortless exploring

The website's centerpiece, the financial product listing, informs the users about financial returns, but also the investment’s environmental impact. With this data, users can make informed decisions about their investments and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Finding what’s best

In addition to providing a comprehensive list of climate-friendly financial products, AskSustainable's platform allows users to easily compare these products within specific categories. This means that users can make more informed decisions about which products align best with their financial goals and environmental values. The platform's user-friendly interface and clear categorization make it easy for users to navigate and explore their options.


Spreading the word

Should future sustainability investors find themselves confused by financial terminology, the Glossary page will be there to help them out. It contains an extensive list of important terms and phrases related to financing and sustainability, providing definitions and explanations in an easily accessible format. The glossary is regularly updated to ensure up-to-date information – a crucially important feature in today’s ever-changing financial landscape.


Sustainability by the book

The Library page is designed to act as a comprehensive source of information on complex financial terms and phrases related to sustainable investing. This page contains detailed descriptions of the most difficult concepts, providing the user with a deeper understanding of the world of sustainable investing, and enabling them to make more informed decisions about their investments.


Joining the community

As one of the built-in, future features, creating an account on the AskSustainable platform will grant the users access to a range of additional features and content, allowing for a high level of personalization. With an account, users will be able to receive personalized updates, bookmark favorite products or articles, and easily share content with others.


Accessibility first

Accommodating design and features into a highly responsive mobile version of a website, in today’s times, simply goes without saying. The mobile AskSustainable site has all the same features as the desktop version, including the financing products listings, the Learn Hub pages, and the ability to create an account.


Everything in order

We received brand guidelines from AskSustainable themselves, along with their color palette of green, yellow, and blue. Working on a client’s pre-determined branding is of no problem to us, as we interpreted the guidelines to create a system where each color represented a different product type. This helped users to easily identify and differentiate between different offerings on the platform. This approach not only adhered to the brand's visual identity but also improved the user experience by providing a clear visual hierarchy.


Team players at your service

The development of the AskSustainable platform was a collaborative effort that involved a team of professionals including a Project Manager, designers, and developers. Each member of the team played a crucial role in bringing the project to fruition, working together to create a platform that delivers real value to users seeking climate-friendly financial products.


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