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Sleek interface design for a financial management application

Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
  • Fintech
  • Education
  • UX Research
  • UX/UI Design
The Seasn application team approached us with a mission in mind. Their ambitious goal was to assist people in making wiser financial decisions. Central to their financial management initiative was the aim to provide users with a sense of peace and encourage them to broaden their financial knowledge. Our challenge was to craft a design that was clean, inviting, and stress-free.
The client came to us with a fully functional desktop application and expertise in back-end programming. Our task was to translate these components into a mobile application, focusing primarily on delivering an optimal user experience. The design team put special emphasis on creating intuitive navigation, ensuring visual coherence, and crafting immersive interactions.
The Seasn application boasts a modern and sleek user interface, complemented by a refreshed and inviting branding style. This harmonious combination enhances user engagement and reflects the application's commitment to simplicity and functionality in financial management.


Planning for the future

Seasn, a mobile application created for Goethe Universität in Germany, is dedicated to enabling users to make well-informed financial decisions. Its objective is to streamline financial management by offering long-term planning tools and fostering the expansion of financial literacy.


From desktop to mobile mastery

After completing the necessary pre-sale concept, the Seasn project moved into an intensive phase of user experience development, focusing on application mapping and wireframing. The branding designers began their work early in the process and, upon completing this stage, transitioned to the user interface design phase. To bring our designs to life, we collaborated with external developers for implementation.


Fresh design

We developed a fresh and rejuvenating brand identity for Seasn, perfectly blending the aesthetics of both the educational and financial sectors. The logo features four cheerful yet soothing colors, creating a youthful and dynamic atmosphere. The simple shapes making up the new logo are imbued with various meanings and symbols, adding depth to the design.


Consistency first

The central visual element embodies the consistency and universality of the new branding for Seasn. Every aspect of the branding, including the logo, typography, shapes, and backgrounds, was carefully selected to ensure they complement each other and appear appealing across various devices and platforms.


Multidisciplinary approach

Our diverse team included skilled designers, seasoned developers, and process-focused project managers. Each member brought their unique expertise to the table, working together to create a final product that is both seamless and captivating.


Remote collaboration

By engaging in collaborative workshops, we were able to deeply understand the client's vision and the project's specific needs. These sessions, conducted through remote video calls, enabled us to synchronize our design approach with the client's objectives, fostering a mutual comprehension of the application's functionality.


Logical and easy to use

We designed the structure of the Seasn application to ensure its navigation is both logical and user-friendly. This approach guarantees a seamless and engaging experience for users.


Crafting clarity

Wireframes were developed to sketch out the layout and functionality of each part of the interface, providing a clear visual guide of the user's journey through the application.


Interactive prototyping

To ensure that the design was effective, and that user interactions were intuitive, we created an interactive prototype. It allowed the client to collect feedback and fine-tune the user experience, guaranteeing the application's usability.


Embodying core values

The subtle, pastel color scheme for Seasn was meticulously selected to represent four essential values that Seasn aims to convey: the tranquility and security of nature, the comfort and adaptability of warmth, the intelligence and autonomy symbolized by wisdom, and the harmony and camaraderie of emotional balance.


Finances at a glance

The Today dashboard in the application provides users with a snapshot of their present financial status. The use of color coding adds to the visual ease of understanding, with each bubble symbolizing a distinct financial product. This feature enables users to conveniently enhance their financial situation by making adjustments to their income, expenses, and savings.


Prepared for what's to come

The Future dashboard provides users with a preview of their financial situation at retirement. It includes simulations that experiment with different factors such as inflation or life events. Users can also add and monitor various income products, gaining insight into their long-term financial path.


Your financial twin

Seasn presents an innovative feature of discovering a financial twin. It's a person who shares similar financial circumstances and objectives. Users can explore their financial future by adopting strategies and products linked to their twin, offering them a unique perspective on potential financial results.


Prepare for the unexpected

The What If functionality allows individuals to incorporate potential events affecting their financial future into their planning. By simulating situations such as inflation, it presents the outcomes on the Future dashboard. This empowers users by providing a detailed view of their possible financial scenarios.


Holistic financial management

Beyond its primary functions, the application includes a range of supplementary features such as a lifestyle tab, user login and registration, brokerage performance analysis, product simulation, account management, and customizable settings. Such extra capabilities significantly augment the application's functionality, providing users with a holistic suite of financial tools.


Aesthetic consistency

Our design strategy concentrated on developing uniform and aesthetically pleasing user interface components. Each element, including buttons, sliders, ticks, tabs, and boxes, was crafted with meticulous and well-considered design choices.


Modern and sleek

The selection of typography was guided by the need for clarity and to reflect a modern, professional look consistent with the application's emphasis on education and finance. We chose Object Sans, a contemporary and versatile sans-serif font known for its excellent readability. The final design of the application incorporates three distinct font weights.


Leveraging user insights

We created user interface prototypes which enabled the client to perform testing with actual users. The feedback received from this process was crucial, leading to key refinements and enhancements that guaranteed the application's user-friendliness and user satisfaction.


Collaborative development

Seasn's development greatly benefited from the contribution of skilled external developers, who meticulously brought the final designs to life. The synergistic collaboration between our design team and the development experts resulted in an application that is both fluid in operation and strong in performance.


Overcoming language hurdles

In the Seasn application, effective user experience writing was critical, particularly in accommodating both English and German languages. It included ensuring that longer German compound words were visible in text fields, a unique challenge in the application's bilingual interface.


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