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AI and Adchitects

AI and Adchitects

It's safe to say that artificial intelligence has gone mainstream. It has already been implemented in numerous industries, from entertainment to medicine and education. Slowly, but surely, it crept its way into our domain of expertise. Currently, many of our team members take advantage of artificial intelligence on a regular basis.

So, how often do they do it, and what for? What kind of software do they use? Keep reading to find out! Here, you will find a deep dive into how Adchitects and artificial intelligence work together to build world-class digital products.

How does our design team use AI?

The design team embraced artificial intelligence with open arms. They turn to it several times a week. The reason? The benefits are just too compelling to ignore. From their perspective, the primary advantage of artificial intelligence lies in its ability to automate and ideate.

First, you can have it take care of things that are simply boring, such as writing reports. Second, you can ask it to help you come up with an idea or two whenever you run out of inspiration. Such efficiency frees up a lot of time, allowing a designer to jump into more interesting and demanding tasks. It’s where human expertise and creativity are most needed.

Our design team’s journey with artificial intelligence was a gradual one, sparked by curiosity. Initially, it was more of a novelty. An intriguing glimpse into what artificial intelligence could potentially offer. However, as time went on, it became an important part of our designers’ toolkit. Their message to people who are hesitant about artificial intelligence is simple. Don’t be afraid, and just start using it!

What tools do our designers recommend?

Our design team has found great value in using artificial intelligence. Now, we want to share with you the tools that have made a real difference in their work. These are the ones they trust to enhance their creativity and efficiency every day.

Relume AI

Relume AI has transformed how our team tackles website development. It swiftly generates the initial layouts for new projects, enabling us to complete designs in just a few days, a process that previously took months.

Chat GPT

Chat GPT has emerged as a crucial tool in our creative and technical arsenal. It's not just an aid for brainstorming innovative branding ideas. It also plays a significant role in organizing our thoughts and producing engaging textual content. One of its standout features is the ability to generate straightforward code, which has proven indispensable in our Webflow-based projects. is a versatile tool that has simplified our workflow by integrating artificial intelligence where it's most needed. It shines in summarizing content, which helps our team stay focused on the creative aspects of design.


Midjourney is our preferred tool for creating unique and imaginative assets for websites. Whether we need illustrations of beavers in an office setting or any other unconventional imagery, Midjourney delivers with ease and creativity.

How does our development team use AI?

The development team at Adchitects has skillfully woven artificial intelligence technologies into their everyday tasks. The line between traditional tools and advanced technology is fading, as programming resources such as code editors, browsers, and content management systems now include intelligent functionalities.

For our developers, the key advantage of these advanced tools is their ability to grasp the context of a problem or task, something previously out of reach. These tools offer solutions that are more on-point and useful, lessening the need for manual fixes. Furthermore, these intelligent tools elevate the coding process by automating routine programming tasks.

Our team's embrace of these sophisticated tools has been organic. There's no enforcement of specific technologies. Instead, each developer finds and integrates these resources at their own speed, encouraging a culture of shared knowledge and collective insight.

Some members began exploring intelligent tools even before the popularization of Chat GPT, with early adopters using code completers like Tabnine. The introduction of Chat GPT was a pivotal moment for many on the team, leading to a wider acceptance of newer, more advanced tools.

What tools do our developers recommend?

In exploring the daily practices of our development team, it becomes clear how much they value certain technologies. We're now ready to highlight the tools that stand out in their work. Each tool they recommend plays a key role in enhancing their overall efficiency.

Chat ALL

Chat ALL is an application that enables simultaneous conversations with several large language models, making it ideal for brainstorming, resolving complex issues, or cross-checking information from different sources like GPT-4, Claude 2, Bing Creative, Bing Precise, and Bard.


Cursor stands out as a code editor integrated with both GPT-3 and GPT-4. It also includes a chat function, significantly boosting coding productivity.


Arc is a Chromium-engine browser that incorporates artificial intelligence for advanced development features. It offers unique functionalities like window splitting, modal window page displays, separate workspaces for different projects, and effective cache management.

How does our marketing team use AI?

The marketing team at Adchitects has eagerly integrated artificial intelligence into their daily tasks. These tools greatly speed up their workflow. When crafting social media posts or articles, they often start with drafts generated by GPT-4.

These initial pieces serve as a groundwork. The team then enhances them with their own creative flair and distinctive style. This method is very useful when creative energy is low, helping the team stay productive.

A key member of the team had been using intelligent content generation tools for over two years before the public release of Chat GPT. This early experience with such tools provided a deep understanding of their capabilities and impact on their marketing strategies.

What tools do our marketers recommend?

In our next section, we dive into the tools our marketers recommend, focusing on Chat GPT and Open AI Playground. These tools may seem basic, but their ability to get the job done is impressive.

Open AI Playground

Before the advent of Chat GPT, Open AI Playground was the primary access point to GPT-3. Although its interface may seem somewhat outdated compared to Chat GPT, it offers a range of sophisticated features that remain highly valued by the team. One such feature is the ability to edit GPT's responses. It provides greater control over the quality and direction of the generated content.

Chat GPT

Chat GPT stands out for its user-friendly interface and versatility. It has become a staple in the team’s daily operations. The tool plays a crucial role in generating innovative ideas, drafting initial content for campaigns, and facilitating brainstorming sessions. Its capacity to swiftly produce drafts and propose creative angles greatly lessens the time and effort needed for content creation.

AI is not a thing to panic over!

The journey of integrating artificial intelligence into the day-to-day work of various team members at Adchitects demonstrates that it's not a thing to panic over. Far from the intimidating, complex tool it's often perceived to be, it has proven to be a valuable ally in our operations. It boosts efficiency, sparks creativity, and simplifies tasks that once consumed valuable time. We encourage everyone to give it a try. You won't regret it!

Robert Krawczyk

Head of Development

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