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When all the parts come together, extraordinary things can happen

To us, world-class digital products take more than intelligent code or creative design. It requires true partnership between the ideators and the innovators. Our collaborations are built on a bedrock of transparency, communication, expert project management, and attention to detail.

  • Transparency
  • Communication
  • Project Management
  • Attention to detail

Your project’s status, budget spend, and progress are always visible and trackable by you… even at 3am on a Sunday. We believe complete transparency forms healthy communication, and healthy communication builds perfect products.

Effective communication isn’t always about speaking. It’s about listening, checking in, and being proactive with status updates. With this style of communication, we provide the most effective project management.

“On-Time and On-Budget” is our motto. From the outset, we build a project schedule and budget based on what it takes to design the highest quality product. Our project managers then keep a hawk’s eye over every detail from beginning to end.

To partner with a company is to invest in them. Which means our success is your success — and your success relies on every pixel and every line of code being in its proper place.


Clients call us “process nerds” for a reason

  • Onboarding & Kick-off
  • Discover & Plan
  • Design Phase
  • Implementation Phase
  • Care & Optimize

We always like to begin with some face-to-face time. During project onboarding, you’ll meet your new Designer, Coder, and Project Manager. From there, we’ll run you through our process and the tools we use to give you complete transparency over the project duration.

This is where the real magic happens. During this workshop-style process, we’ll conduct a deep dive into your company, your goals, and your target audience’s needs. Your new team’s UX Designer will outline the primary objectives and prepare a project scope, budget, and timeline for your review.

Once you’ve signed off, the Designer takes their cue. Using Sketch and Invision, we’ll prepare layouts for the developing products and gather your feedback along the way. Additionally, our Developer works in tandem with the Designer to discover the best solutions. This cohesiveness allows the next phase of the process to flourish.

With each approved layout, the Developer will build what the Designer envisioned. It’s this duet that allows us to efficiently craft your dream digital product. Additionally, our QA (quality assurance) ensures all bugs are detected and fixed prior to your review.

Once your product is built and live, we’re there to help in every way, shape, and form. Website maintenance, SEO or SEM optimization, enhanced security measures, new features — you name it. We’re your team, and we’ll stick with you until the end.


An incredible team of amazing individuals

Kuba Luty

CEO & Founder

An entrepreneurial spirit with extensive experience in design and UX, Kuba is the head, heart, and soul of Adchitects. He’s a melomaniac with a special place in his heart for David Bowie. And the lovely creature he’s holding in his photo is Tilda.

Rafał Pawlak

Head of Service Delivery

Rafał leads our project management team, overseeing key accounts and developing internal processes to ensure we always hit the bullseye when it comes to product quality. Outside of work, Rafal writes short stories in his favorite genre - crime.

Szymon Grabowski

UX & UI Designer

Szymon brings his dynamic imagination and analytical mind to the world of UI and UX, designing intuitive experiences for users and helping businesses thrive. Szymon is also a dog-person! He opens his home as a transitional owner to rescue dogs.

Karolina Ignaszak

UI Designer

Karolina works in branding, web, and graphic design. She takes the latest trends in design and uses them in functional, eye-catching projects. 👀 If she could live anywhere in the world, she’d choose Stewart Island where she’d take care of Kiwi birds.

Roxana Goncerzewicz

UI & Motion Designer

Roxana is a graphic design virtuoso. She specializes in branding, vector illustrations, and animations. She is also the mastermind behind the “Give me a Sign!” project, an online creative installation that aims to popularize Polish Sign Language.

Robert Krawczyk

Lead Web Developer

Robert is highly proficient in WordPress, WooCommerce, PHP, and JavaScript frameworks. Soon, he’ll be able to add Node.js to that list! A fun fact about Robert? He can solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than two minutes!

Maurycy Krokos

Project Manager

Maurycy has worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes. He always seems to find a way to out-do his client's expectations and create a smooth project delivery end-to-end. Apart from work, Maurycy loves to practice climbing, travel, and hike.

Tobiasz Jankowski

Project Manager

A proud Jack-of-all-trades, Tobiasz built his project management skills on a bedrock of business development expertise. Part-time techno DJ and music producer, Tobiasz believes his music-listening hobbies make him a great people-listener too.

Julia Bogucka

Junior UI Designer

In her UX work, Julia employs well-structured visual hierarchies in order to create a powerful UI for clients. Julia also enjoys abstract painting. Her artwork explores shape, form, color, and composition, focusing on design as a visual language.

Krystian Rogalski

Web Developer

Krystian’s work ethic and enthusiasm are fueled by his passion for React.js. He’s constantly looking to expand his knowledge and improve his coding skills. Krystian keeps his eye on what’s new in tech and enjoys football and snooker.

Adam Kubiś

Web Developer

Adam is a front-end developer with over 10 years of experience and a hawk’s eye for detail. He ensures all the code he works with is clean, transparent, and logical. In his free time, he loves to kayak, paintball, and race his friends in Go Karts.

Filip Przydryga

React Developer

Filip is a front-end guy with a love for React.js and React Native. Apart from this, he’s always striving to learn more about creative coding and the back-end. Outside of work, Filip loves making beats in Ableton, DJing, bike-riding, and skating.

Marcin Owczarzak

Web Developer

Marcin is a front-end developer passionate about web animations and advanced CSS. After hours Marcin enjoys watching sci-fi movies and tv series while eating Tex-Mex meals full of jalapenos, avocado and salsa.

Karolina Bednarz

Junior UI Designer

Karolina’s background in civil engineering gives her a unique perspective on UI and web design. She seeks to combine beautiful design with utility. Karolina also loves dogs and claims she can speak their language. She knows they understand her.

Agata Galka

User Acceptance Testing Lead

Agata recreates the experience of the end-user, ensuring that websites and apps can handle real-world scenarios and that the product looks and works perfectly. She loves sipping a cold craft beer and recharging her batteries by the lake.


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