366 Concept

Exquisite web design for a classy furniture brand

366 Concept
366 Concept S.C.
Warszawa, Poland
$25,000 – $49,999
  • Custom eCommerce
  • Woocommerce (WordPress)

Elegant furniture requires an equally exquisite web design, especially if there’s a one-of-a-kind story behind the brand and their products.

About the brand

Bringing the icons of mid-century design to modern homes

In the ‘60s, Józef Chierowski designed the 366 Armchair and captured the hearts of the Polish people. Unfortunately, due to political circumstances, he never gained the international recognition he deserved. 366 Concept’s mission is to bring this icon of Polish mid-century design back with the reissued collection of Chierowski’s furniture. This time, however, the furniture is aimed at the international market.

To achieve its goals, 366 Concept needed a multilingual website, one where shipping to various European countries was streamlined. This is where we first stepped in. We advised them on how to implement modern e-commerce strategies and built a multifunctional website to match.

First steps

Discovery phase

We started with UX workshops. These helped us understand the client's mission and collaborate on the most effective customer journey for their new website. By honing the experience of the user, we were also able to identify key tools and frameworks that would preserve their modern approach and ensure success.


Discover & About Us

The Discover section (pictured above!) introduces clients to Chierowski’s designs and his most prominent piece, the 366 Armchair. The layout is inspired by interior design magazines — a symbol of style, luxury, and good taste.

With such a unique story behind the furniture, the About Us page provided an opportunity to develop a sense of authenticity and trust with the brand. We decided to start at the beginning, going back over 50 years to the day the iconic armchair was designed.


Furniture series

While the armchair is iconic, the 366 collection extends beyond one product. The furniture series page familiarizes users with all the available pieces, letting them mix and match to create a unique set.



Modern consumers desire flexibility. That’s why we built the Finishes page, where users can tailor their favorite 366 Concept furniture and compare different fabric and wood specifications. With how many variations are available (over 100 exclusive fabrics!), we needed to showcase them in an accessible way that allows users to discover their favorites.


Product list

Understanding the target audience is paramount to a product’s presentation. 366 Concept’s customers have a refined palate for interior design — they know exactly what they want. For this reason, we enhanced the product listing page with advanced filtering features, so clients could find what they’re looking for without having to window shop.


Product page

Each product page has two specifications. First, the layout has to be aesthetically pleasing to match the furniture’s quality. Second, the page needs to be optimized for efficiency, allowing clients to change fabric and wood specifications quickly.


Basket & Checkout

At the end of the customer journey — the checkout process — simplicity is key to conversion. For this reason, we allow clients to register with 366 Concept or shop as guests, letting them complete their transaction on a single page. Using WooCommerce, buying high-end designer furniture only takes a few clicks.


Mobile Screens

Due to the growth of mobile e-commerce, today’s consumers expect an unparalleled user experience on mobile devices. To meet these expectations, we ensured that mobile shopping at Concept 366 feels natural and seamless.



Just like the whole product catalog, Concept 366’s branding has an air of classy, retro, mid-century style. The color palette is reminiscent of natural materials such as wood, metal, and fibers.


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