Field Tiles

E-commerce solution for a handmade ceramic tiles design studio

Field Tiles
Field Tiles Inc.
Interior Design
Miami, Florida
$25,000 – $49,999
  • Custom E-commerce
  • WooCommerce
  • WordPress

We dove into the world of interior design to let Field Tiles' customers appreciate the charm of handmade ceramic tiles and ensure a rich online shopping experience that could replace showroom visits.


Finding the perfect tile

Field Tiles is a ceramic tiles online store that offers a variety of handmade products crafted by tile makers from all over the world. Their dedication to making this unique piece of interior design and architecture popular goes beyond simple aesthetics. Tiles can serve as a functional work of art, and sometimes, their beauty call for a showcase worthy of an art gallery.


Making the elements fit together

Field Tiles trusted us with the creation of an intuitive online store with complex product configuration features. The key challenge was to provide customers with flexible tile customization options and at the same time, avoid overwhelming them with too many variations.


Clean look for a store full of colors

The website, with its clean and simple design, gives the main role to the colorful tiles. Customers can appreciate the beauty of handmade products from the very start of their shopping journey on the website: the homepage. Moreover, clear and visually emphasized CTAs encourage visitors to explore the website further and directs them to its key parts: the store, the articles section, and the company’s story.


Endless design possibilities

One of the key solutions implemented in the online store was the possibility to browse the entire product catalog on the same page thanks to the long scrolling used instead of the classic pagination. Therefore, buyers can get a full overview of the colors available, and compare them easily, which facilitates making shopping decisions. What is more, convenient filtering helps to find products of desired color or finish.


Ceramic beauty in the spotlight

When it comes to interior design, product presentation is key. In this case, the crucial element of the product card is the close-up photo that makes it possible to appreciate the unique details of every tile: from color shading to structure and crazing. This is also the place where customers can choose between more than a dozen tile formats, calculate the price for square feet or meter, and finally, add the product to the cart. In spite of the abundance of product configuration options at this step, the whole process remains smooth.


Taking the tile home

Shopping cart and checkout are commonly major pain points in the customer journey. Therefore, our effort was to make it as frictionless as possible, with a legible product list, transparent 4-stage checkout process, and secure transaction with payments available in two currencies.


The Tile Stories

The Field Tiles studio eagerly shares knowledge in design and tile making, as well as practical tips on residential and commercial construction projects. In the Articles section customers (both retail and wholesale) as well partners can find answers to their questions and get to know the brand better.


Mobile screens

From the beginning, all website layouts were designed with mobile devices in mind to ensure smartphone users get the same feeling and equally great shopping experience as desktop users.


Simple & aesthetic

Only three colors and a harmonic, neat design: this is all that’s necessary to manifest the brand's philosophy based on celebrating the beauty that lies in simplicity.


Let the tiles do the talking

We gave Field Tiles' website a unique, entirely new online store customer experience based on meticulous UX design process that focused on making the main product – a ceramic tile – stand out and inspire. We additionally added the Articles section, optimized the user interface, as well as tweaked the website's front-end to bring the brand up to speed with what's hot in the world of web design.


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