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Kaldi Coffee

Strategy-based branding

About the brand

Kaldi Coffee is a brand that produces personalized coffee. The average recipient receives this message as coffee prepared especially for him/her. The essence of this product is to make coffee, prepare the packaging and provide it to the customer in order to create unique and authentic marketing material.

In order to show this personal approach, we decided to turn to the brand’s origin.


We decided to tell the story related to the etymology of the brand name.
Legend has it that a shepherd named Kaldi, who lived on the Arabian Peninsula, discovered the stimulating effect of coffee looking at his goats who started dancing after eating red fruit from the tree. The shepherd tried the red fruit himself and discovered that fatigue had disappeared, and he also wanted to dance.

And that’s how Kaldi Coffee came into being.

Color palette

RGB 0/0/0
CMYK 0/0/0/100

RGB 198/178/144
CMYK 22/28/48/0




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