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Ground Labs


About the brand

Ground Labs are global experts in sensitive data discovery. Their software helps companies of all sizes discover, remediate and monitor sensitive personal data across on-premise storage and in the cloud to meet data security standards.


The client asked us to keep the geometric form of the original symbol. We updated the typography of the logo and translated the rebranded image to the whole communication of the firm. Thanks to the color scheme and strong typography, the image has a professional yet approachable character. Blue and navy emphasize the seriousness of the image while yellow adds a more playful touch.

Color palette

RGB 93/198/242
CMYK 60/0/0/0
HEX # 5DC6F2

RGB 17/68/125
CMYK 100/77/22/7
HEX #11447D

RGB 29/47/84
CMYK 100/86/38/31
HEX #1D2F54

RGB 249/175/26
CMYK 0/36/92/0



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