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The 20.20 Strategy, The Runner’s Club and the Social Media Magazine

The joint strategic workshop we ran with GLS helped us find out how to implement and communicate the new 20.20 strategy which aims at improving work comfort and customer service. But there’s more to life than delivering parcels!

The company came up with the idea of establishing their own Runner’s Club, and we helped communicate it to their employees. We designed gadgets encouraging to join the Club, and a series of slogans for the active participants. And when GLS wanted to distribute a new internal magazine about the role of social media, we developed a modern layout for it and created a thematic crossword.

GLS Poland Business Run

To achieve success, strong will and support is necessary.

GLS, the main sponsor of the charity Poland Business Run, encourages its participants to actively help fulfill the dreams of those in need. We prepared the awards in various competitions which took place during the run. We also created a delivery notice for the participants of the run. We’re glad to have been able to engage in such a socially important project.


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